Elevate your tech venture with Moldova IT park

Elevate Your Tech Venture with Moldova IT Park

Tech entrepreneurs collaborating at Moldova IT Park, showcasing the vibrant and innovative atmosphere of this premier tech business hub.

Moldova: An Emerging Tech Hub:

Moldova, a Southeastern European gem, is not just known for its geographical allure but also as a rising star in the global IT landscape. It is fast becoming a preferred destination for IT nearshoring and offshoring, with a leading edge in the telecommunication sector. The country offers great opportunities and is home to highly skilled professionals providing top-notch solutions to global giants like Adobe, S&T, Ericsson, Microsoft, Orange, Endava, and Crunchyroll.

With over 30,000 dedicated ICT professionals, of which 16,000 are in IT, Moldova boasts a workforce that is technically adept, consisting of software engineers, business analysts, QAs, developers, product and project managers, ready to drive technological innovation.

Moldova’s proactive approach to penetrating foreign markets is evident through the implementation of liberal trade regimes, dynamic reforms, and a supportive tax environment provided by IT Park. Moldova IT Park has emerged as a vibrant nexus for global tech enterprises since its inception in 2018. With more than 1,400 active companies and over 19,000 professionals, it offers an exciting array of benefits to eligible tech businesses ready to join its ranks. The country’s ICT industry, one of the most dynamic sectors of the economy. With IT exports increasing tenfold in the past 15 years, Moldova offers investors and businesses a fertile ground to grow and transform their ventures.

Understanding Eligibility:

To thrive within Moldova IT Park, prospective residents must meet eligibility criteria:

  • Entrepreneurial Registration: Companies must be registered as entrepreneurial entities in Moldova.
  • Revenue Focus: At least 70% of sales revenue should stem from eligible activities.
  • Operational Base: While headquartered in Moldova, companies can operate remotely until October 8, 2022.
  • Active Business Status: Firms with suspended operations or undergoing specific legal procedures are not eligible.

Diverse Eligible Activities:

Moldova IT Park accommodates a broad spectrum of activities within the domains of IT, creative industries, and research & development, with a focus on high-performance computing equipment. These eligible activities, outlined in Law 77/2016’s Article 8, must contribute to at least 70% of the resident’s turnover.

Here’s a glance at some common eligible activities:

  • Custom Software Development: This includes programming, modification, testing, and support for various software products.
  • Software Product Editing: Residents can engage in editing computer games, operating systems, and corporate applications.
  • Tech Consultancy: Planning and designing computer systems.
  • Computer Systems Management: The park supports entities involved in managing and operating computer systems.
  • Hardware Manufacturing: Production of microprocessors and integrated circuits.
  • Data Processing: This encompasses data processing and web page administration services.
  • Web Portal Operations: MITP hosts entities operating web portals.
  • Biotech R&D: The park is open to those engaged in biotechnology research and development.
  • Cinematic Post-Production: Companies involved in special effects and animated film production can find a home here.
  • Specialized Design: Entities focused on high-performance hardware-based specialized design are welcome.
  • Computer Training: MITP supports enterprises offering training in computer-related fields.

Why Join Moldova IT Park?

  • Tax Benefits: With a single 7% tax on sales, companies can enjoy increased profitability and competitive pricing.
  • Virtual Operation: The Park’s virtual operation model allows businesses worldwide to join without the need for physical relocation.
  • Global Opportunities: Membership opens doors to international events and networking possibilities, providing valuable exposure and connections.

Navigating Talent Acquisition with IT Visa:

Moldova IT Park actively supports its residents through innovative programs like the “IT Visa” designed to streamline the hiring of top-notch specialists, including those from abroad. The IT Visa program simplifies immigration documentation for foreign nationals employed by MITP residents.

Through the IT Visa Program:

  • Tech Managers: Can obtain work permits valid for four years.
  • IT Specialists: Receive work permits for two years.
  • Extension Options: Both categories can explore extensions to their temporary stay.
  • Family Accommodation: IT specialists and managers can request and extend residence rights for their family members for the same period.

Conclusion: Unleashing Potential with Moldova IT Park

For eligible tech enterprises, Moldova IT Park offers a unique blend of opportunities, support, and access to a thriving community. Through understanding the eligibility and engaging in the multitude of activities supported, tech companies can truly unleash their potential and navigate a path of innovation and success within MITP’s supportive environment. For more information and seamless onboarding support, engage with HR Solutions.

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